Hurt Road by Mark Lee (a review)

This memoir by a contemporary Christian musician from the group known as Third Day will be interesting to you if you are a fan of that group. Maybe you’ve even heard of Mark Lee?

His life experiences form the bulk of the tale. His major, devastating accident when he was still a schoolboy, his father’s death are two of what he calls “sucker punches”. Later in the book, he covers his start as a musician, and his marriage.

So, if you are a fan, there’s much of interest here.


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An Inconvenient Beauty, Kristi Ann Hunter

Wow, Kristi Hunter just keeps writing these Regency novels — she might bring the genre back singlehanded!


Kristi Hunter scores again with her fourth Regency novel. The opening scenes, set in a private English boys’ school is well done, and sets the tone for frolics to come. Meeting our hero as a boy, we gain immediate sympathy with the character of Griffith, who becomes the romantic hero later in the book.

If you like Regency fiction, An Inconvenient Beauty brings much to the table. Good writing, lovely settings, characters we can cheer for, and all the usual Regency fun. I recommend this book

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The Day the Angels Fell, Shawn Smucker

I received this book from Revell Publishing. This is what I consider to be middle grade fantasy. It would have excellent appeal to adult fantasy readers as well.


The writing in this debut novel is smooth, clear and engaging. I was impressed by the ease with which the author drew the reader into the story world. Not too much suspension of belief necessary, yet one was willing to go on. On a journey with a redemptive element.

An antique store, a mysteriously compelling message, a fire, and many more facets draw the reader ever onward to a satisfying conclusion.

This blog review is by Susan Karsten, who has her own debut novel out, just released in August, 2017. It’s a Regency romance, and very historical and inspirational.

A Match for Melissa

Susan KarstenHere’s me, Susan Karsten.

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An Amish Christmas Love (a four-author collection)


I received this from a publisher who hoped for a review…here it is: The first story/novella in this collection is worth the entire purchase price (if you want to buy it ;).

Beth Wiseman is the author of the first story in the book. The title is “Winter Kisses”. Now before you judge a story by its title, though there is some kissing, kissing is just a minor element of a charming, engaging, interesting, and different story.

Three women, three generations — living together. The two older ones are widows, one long-time, one recent. The younger woman is single, never married.

Without telling too much and spoiling the story, I’ll just share that the set-up, or premise, if you will, is quite fun. At least one of the female characters is a real hoot and a half. And finally, the tale is pretty realistic, with lots of details about the Amish way of life.

I recommend this book, on the basis of the first story alone, but the other three have merit as well.

This review is by Susan Karsten, author of A Match for Melissa, released in July, 2017, available on

A Match for Melissa

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The Christmas Blessing, by Melody Carlson


Yay! Another book by Melody Carlson! Happy to review this book I received from Revell Publishing.

A riveting, yet simple story about a young lady whose fiancee is ripped from her on the eve of their wedding. He is called up by his military unit, and must report immediately.

But this innocent girl…, wait! I don’t want to give away the fun of reading it yourself.

I recommend it very much. It does have a Christmas element to the story, and if you are looking for a gift to give to a reader friend or loved one, this would be an excellent choice.