Time Search, by Danele Rotharmel

Review by: Susan Karsten

Time Search, the third book in the Time Counselor Chronicles, is a much-anticipated addition to what is stacking up to be a rousing, excellent adventure series.

Beginning with some beloved characters from the first two books appearing in the new, third volume of the Chronicles, the story quickly ramps up with some seriously page-turning events.

Let me interject here, that having gotten to know the author, Danele, I was blown away by the way she writes such gut-wrenching drama. She is a lovely ladylike person, and even though she writes extremely dramatic and violent scenes when necessary, she also infuses her books with likable characters, light, and good humor.

We meet her villain early on in the story. Drake is keenly drawn, and quite scary. The author intersperses scenes of his misdeeds, with other scenes featuring the team trying to solve his crime spree. The stakes are high, and reading this novel is a thrill-ride.

I recommend this book, especially for fans of suspense, and time travel fiction.

Bravo, Danele! Book three is even better than the first two, and that says a lot.


Shortened Amazon Paperback Link: https://www.amazon.com/Time-Search-Counselor-Chronicles/dp/1542527007





An Uncommon Courtship, by Kristi Ann Hunter ~ my latest book review

102_7484The premise of Hunter’s new book is quite original. In the Regency genre, close to 100% of the plots have a marriage at the end of the book. In An Uncommon Courtship, the wedding comes first.

About the only typical Regency plot device found is the compromising of the heroine, and actions taken to prevent her from having a ruined reputation ~ namely, the man who compromised her must do the honorable thing and marry her.

Beyond that, the novel is wildly unique. The not-ready-for-marriage hero miserably bumbles his early days of marriage. The heroine is a fish out of water once her groom sweeps her off to London.

The strength of An Uncommon Courtship lies in the portrayals of the inner lives of the two main characters — both hero and heroine. Hunter gives the reader a deep look into the characters’ motivations, fears, thoughts, and conflicts.

Solving their marital weaknesses provides for a provocative, and sometimes funny, reading experience.

I received the book through a review program that I occasionally blog for. Kristi Ann Hunter was a member of the group blog, Regency Reflections (now folded and archived somewhere in cyberspace) that I was a part of. I have learned from Kristi, and I am happy to assist her publishing career by informing you all about her book.


Hi, I am the author of this blog, Susan Karsten, and my debut novel, A Match for Melissa,  is coming out in March, 2017. Be sure to check it out!

My first t-shirt Quilt

Hi, Susan here! My first ever T-shirt quilt. Made for my older daughter. She really likes it for its heaviness, warmth, and the fact that her t-shirts are no longer sitting in a bag in her closet. Each shirt represents an accomplishment, event, or trip.

The backing is dark purple cotton flannel, and the batting is Warm & Natural. It is machine quilted. The t-shirt sections are interfaced with lightweight fusible knit interfacing.102_7447

Christmas Quilt #3 ~ Whack n Stack


This is a lap quilt, also sometimes called a throw. It was a lot of fun to make. I enjoy getting out a few seasonal quilts, then putting them away for next year. But while they are out, we do use them. See below for a little added JOY.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and look at my quilts. This one had a lot of what I call “reverse sewing” (also known as mistakes) that I worked through.


PS: What quilting projects are you working on? Please leave a comment. 🙂

Christmas Quilt #1, Rail Fence


This quilt has been in the making for a long time. I got the scraps, already cut into strips, at a rummage sale — oh, probably about eight years ago. Within a year or two of that, I had the top made — only to set it aside due to the busy teenage years of my children.

In 2015, I gave the top to a professional quilter to finish it for me. She never did. Months later, I finally got in contact with her and she’d fallen too ill to quilt anymore and didn’t have the energy to call me and break the news.

On to plan B. I would teach myself how to do free-motion quilting. Which I did. This is probably the third or fourth quilt I have done the free-motion technique on.

I gave the finished quilt to my son and his growing little family. I think it will be fun for their children to play I Spy with all the little conversational prints. “Hey, Johnny, betcha can’t find the JOY!” (Bet he can!)


Time Trap, by Danele Rotharmel


Eager to read the next book in the Time Counselor Chronicles, I implored Danele to send me a review copy so that I could share about it on my blog. Time Trap, book #2 in the series, is a recent release. I am sure anyone who read Book #1, Time Tsunami, will be just as eager to read this next installment.

Chapter one hooks readers with a shocking attack. Kept in suspense, we don’t know the why of it, or the identity of the attacker. That just makes you desperately want to keep turning pages. Wow, Danele can really do a violent scene well. You wouldn’t expect that from such a lovely feminine author 🙂

The fascinating characters are one of the most charming elements of this novel. So much humor (in the light of dire circumstance), and so much detail. The characters become dear friends and you don’t want to let them go. Several favorites return from the dazzling first book in the series.

This richly hued, rollicking adventure will keep you awake at night.

Do you have a favorite time-travel novel to share with my readers? Please leave the title in a comment.

Thanks, Susan




A Moonbow Night, by Laura Frantz

102_7375-1With a vividly detailed tale reminiscent of Jane Kirkpatrick’s historical fiction, Frantz’s newest release lives up to her fans’ expectations.

Author Frantz takes the reader on a journey into the wilderness during the early days of settlement in Kentucky (called Kentucke in the novel). She nails the setting and you may feel your toes tingling with frostbite as the characters move through a frigid, dangerous region, on a journey riddled with peril.

On a mission to survey the region, Sion lands in a wilderness outpost. An extremely welcome rustic inn holds the talented Temperance Tucker, the daughter of the proprietors.

Tangling with raw nature, the elements, and with fierce Indians who resent their arrival, the tension mounts as Sion and Temperance go through fiery trials.

Have you read any great historical fiction lately? Please share your favorites in a comment.

Thanks for reading! Susan