Book Review: Wild in the Hollow, by Amber C. Haines (review by Susan Karsten)

100_7731In this personal narrative, we learn the author grew up in a repressive, conformist church and had significant problems. The lack of a strong faith walk of her own caused her to flounder and rebel throughout her teens and twenties. She is somewhat vague on a lot of details, short on scriptures, but she has obviously been encouraged to write her story. This book is somewhat thought-provoking, but the events and life-changes appear to have been very recent for the author, and I am not sure she has the perspective on her experiences that would allow them to provide a clearer message. She is certainly courageous. I wish her success in life, as a writer, and with this book.

Please comment on the following question: Would you write a book about your earlier life?

Book Review: Trial Run, by Thomas Locke (review by Susan Karsten)

100_7732Thomas Locke is a pen name of author Davis Bunn. This is his second book writing as Thomas Locke. I believe this book is the second in a new genre for him hence the name change.

Trial Run had me biting my nails very early. This is one of those edge-of-your-seat thrill ride type books. Written from multiple points of view, the reader has to work a bit to keep it all straight (who’s who), to figure it out, to finger the bad guys, and to even attempt to predict outcomes of this fast-paced thriller. High tech science runs the plot, and the reader has many interesting characters to enjoy.

You may have noticed, I don’t give ‘book reports’ – I don’t want to take away any of your thrill of discovery as a reader.

Answer in comments: What is your favorite type of thriller? 

Thrifty Gardening Adventures, by Susan Karsten

My front yard has a flagpole, surrounded by flowers. The perennials that crowded and filled the 4′ circle were all tall and gave the visual effect of a stalky, 7-layer cake with a very tall candle in the middle.

I wrenched those out, all but a few more desirable, less invasive plants which I kept. Here’s what it looked like at that point”

You can see black-eyed Susan in the foreground,100_7489

and some Wedding Candle beyond that. Here’s an even clearer view of the “before”:100_7490

So, I went to a shop in a tiny town. The Village Flower Shop sold me two flats of large annuals for $5. I got an accent plant (that alone was orig. $8), two wave petunias, a dahlia, two large sweet alyssum, Swedish ivy, 3 geraniums, and two Coleus. Here are the plants before planting:100_7491100_7492

Here are some pictures of what I did with $5 of plants: 100_7493

And the flagpole flower bed:100_7496100_7494It will fill out even more, and I will add mulch.

How long will it take for my FREE Piano to be snatched up?

100_7449Story & Clark spinet-style piano. May/will need tuning. This piano is easy to move because it is on wheels. Considering that having a piano moved professionally costs about $100 or more, which you will be able to avoid, and that the piano is free, the $85 or so for a tuning makes this quite a buy!

I’ve been posting this on social media sites for several days with not takers. So now, I am broadening my reach by blogging about it.

Why am I giving it away? It was given to us and we don’t need a third piano at this time.

Book Review: Hope Harbor, by Irene Hannon

When Michael Hunter arrives in a small town in the Pacific Northwest to seek peace, he meets people who will help him on the path to healing. As the story progresses, the talented author Irene Hannon reveals the source of his struggle. Tracy Campbell is a young widow with needed healing of her own. The tale of these two, as they emerge from grief, is encouraging, realistic, and very satisfying.

If you haven’t read Irene Hannon’s fiction yet, you are in for a treat.



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