Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: Sand in my Sandwich, By Sarah Parshall Perry

The quote on the back cover says a lot about this book: “There is no perfect family, no life free of mess. But in the midst of all of it, God is there, reminding us, “My child, I got this.” So, “if” you every lose it, feel like you are going crazy, or scream your guts out, this book has you covered. Perry has so many great stories from her own life (How transparent can you get?) and those tales bring home some awesome parenting messages. Things like: it’s God’s plan, not ours. This book is so real, so gritty, so painful at times, yet brimming with positivity based on God alone. She shares much about her autistic son.


Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “Life Unstuck”, by Pat Layton

The main ideas of this charming non-fiction book include making peace with your past, feeling good (in Christ’s power), and making the most of your life, not being mired down with past failures. Loaded with powerful stories of real-life experiences to prove points, this book would be helpful for dealing with guilt (and that’s just for starters.  Do you struggle with getting bogged down with the past? Please comment.


Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “You’re Loved No Matter What”, by Holley Gerth

This book seems to be geared toward people with confidence/perfectionism issues. As that does not really include me, praise God (Who gets all credit), I can only say that this book presents its ideas gently, palatably, and mixed in with dollops of great anecdotes. I would not hesitate to recommend this one to someone who struggles with these issues. Contains 11 chapters.

Comment with a non-fiction/Christian life topic that you personally would like to see written about.



Crimson Cord, by Jill Eileen Smith (book review by Susan Karsten)

104_1697Biblical fiction, often fraught with theological problems….NOT this time! Of course, this is a fictionalized version of the story of Rahab, but the author really did it justice. She worked in several additional Bible events with deft aplomb, causing no snorts of disgust, derision, or disappointment from this reader. The portion of the tale that deals with Rahab’s…ahem…career, is not for children. But, if you enjoy the Biblical ficiton genre, you won’t want to miss this offering.

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “The Beauty of Grace”, edited by Dawn Camp

103_6380Just for fun, a picture of me and my gracious husband shall adorn this book review! :)

THE BEAUTY OF GRACE, edited by Dawn Camp, and with a foreword by Holley Gerth, holds 52 stories, each with GRACE as the central focus. This book would make a great addition to any lady’s stack of devotional reading, as each of the few dozen contributors brings a unique style and incident to shine the light of God’s Grace. You will enjoy this book.

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You ARE”, by Pat Williams

100_5846This book, jam-packed with anecdotes about famous people, would make a great gift for a man who doesn’t read a lot. Not to say that it’s exclusively for men. Each story is somewhat short, and very interesting.

The stories are grouped in the following categories: Success, Leadership, Family & Friends, Impact & Influence, and Becoming a Person of Excellence. Each category features 10-30 stories!

Some of the famous people covered include: Ted Williams, Amy Grant, John Havlicek, Pat Riley, Les Paul, Brooks Robinson, Louis Armstrong, Henry Aaron, Warren Wiersbe, Tony Dungy, Mike Shula and dozens more. Many sports figures round out a roster full of politicians, celebrities, etc.

Who would you like to read an inspiring story about? Please leave a comment.


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