My Latest Baby Quilt & the Story Behind It

100_8707I love to quilt, and have made and given away dozens of quilts over the years since I started about 25-30 years ago. Most of the quilts I have made are baby quilts. I have also made quite a few bed quilts (which I have kept for my family), and some lap quilts for the elderly.

The baby quilts have mostly¬†gone as gifts, except for the ones I made for my own babies and a few in my girls’ hope chests. One of my favorite friends, Debbie, gave me a gift a few years ago of a fabulous fabric collection from Keepsake Quilting Co. A rich selection of 1930s reproduction fabrics — they were bright, and included many juvenile prints (little animals doing quaint things). The quilt you see pictured is the first one I have made using the full array of the fabrics from this gift.

Now, even though I have quilted all those years, until this year I never got the courage to try free-motion quilting. The quilt pictured above is the first one I created using that technique – and I loved the technique. I will never hesitate to use it again.

This quilt will be going to a special little girl who will enter this world in about two weeks, Lord willing. I hope she and her family enjoy the bright colors, whimsical fabrics, and soft flannel backing.

Book Review: Vendetta, by Lisa Harris

First book in the “Nikki Boyd Files” series,

100_9380This nail-biter of a story takes the reader into the world of a missing persons task force. The main character, Nikki Boyd, has a missing sister and is all too close to the pain of this type of loss. Shockingly, some clues emerge about her missing sister as she’s working on a fresh case. Now she is feeling hunted and must hold strong as she pursues justice for the missing.

Book Review: The Christmas Joy Ride, by Melody Carlson

Oh joy! Melody Carlson has a new book out! One can always count on a very special reading experience.

100_9377This romp features an 85 year-old named Joy, and a young lady named Miranda, who go on a journey together down Route 66 in an old RV. The old lady is on her way from Chicago to her Phoenix retirement community. Heartwarming and fun, I would not hesitate to give this as a gift. Sure to please.

Book Review: “A Reason To Stay” by Kellie Coates Gilbert

I personally love books that feature talk show host main characters (also anchorwomen) since I am fascinated by that career.

100_9378This emotionally rich and gripping story will have you in tears as you live vicariously  through a troubled young marriage, unexpected tragedy, and the healing power of love.

Book Review: “10 Things Great Dads Do” by Rick Johnson

This book is stuffed with ideas and inspiration. Take your pick from loads of examples, advice and especially strategies that will be sure to kickstart your fatherhood.

I disagreed with a couple of his suggestions, but there’s still much food for thought and action.

100_9554Ten packed chapters cover many of the vital areas of fatherhood, including faith and its importance to fathers and children, the importance of humor, communication, friendship, character, family, and rules are just a few of the areas addressed.

Book Review: “The Horse of My Heart ~ Stories of the Horses We Love”,

100_9555Edited by Callie Smith Grant, this collection of horse stories is sure to please. This volume contains 32 original, true stories all about horses. Special horses, and everyday horses who do special things. In the stories, humans learn lessons, are rescued, and made to laugh. If you love to read, and love horses, this is for you.

Book Review: Murder at the Courthouse, by A.H. Gabhart

Gabhart’s deceptively lighthearted mystery unravels into a baffling case that has lovable former policeman turned deputy sheriff Michael reeling from clue to clue. The town with a population just over 700 holds the clues, but how will the plethora of theories be whittled down to reveal the truth?

100_9557When the sheriff begins to investigate one theory, tension abounds, as the author heightens the tension and the stakes. What is Hidden Springs hiding? One wicked killer, for sure.

The handsome sheriff his hidden depths as well. Scars from the past, and a re-found love interest from childhood days. The book sets us up for a series, and I for one, will gladly journey back to this delightful setting and compelling hero.


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