“Taming the To-Do List”, by Glynnis Whitwer {a review by Susan Karsten}

100_8930Okay! If you struggle with procrastination…and  I know for a fact some of my close friends do…you will certainly get a lot out of this little book.

Loaded with friendly and wise suggestions, this book may kickstart you our of your bogged-down doldrums of overwhelmedness. You’ve heard the phrase “just do it” (makes me want to sneer – if they could just do it, they wouldn’t need help), and this book gently, but firmly will set your feet on the path to accomplishing your burdensome list.

Are you a procrastinator?

Book Review: “The Memory Weaver” by Jane Kirkpatrick

100_8689This is about the third or fourth book of Kirkpatrick that I have read. Though it is quite interesting historically, especially to the people of the Northwest U.S., I didn’t feel it had the smooth flow or her other books. I respect her historical research, and this book was true to that, but the ebb and flow of the story was not as compelling and straightforward as I have grown to expect from Jane.

Much to enjoy, however!

Book Review: “The Chase”, by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky

100_8688An advice book cloaked with lots of pertinent anecdotes. We learn of the letters each of the author wrote to their future spouses when they were young teens. Journey with the Kupecky couple as they navigate singleness, staying physically pure until marriage.

This book takes a gentle approach, inspires abstinence, and does not shove anything down anyone’s throat. I would suggest that if you have a daughter (the book is openly geared toward female readers) who reads, this would be one message to add to the mix, especially if you have laid some of the groundwork already.

Not a cure-all, but a definite encouragement, and quite interesting.

Any wisdom on staying pure til marriage? Please leave a comment

Book Review: “The Mistress of Tall Acre”, by Laura Frantz

100_8687This novel, by veteran Christian fiction author Laura Frantz, will keep your interest. What an interesting setting, unusual plot, and striking characters. Frantz has brought all this together in a delicious weave of words that will please the historical romance reader.

Set in the years after the American Revolutionary War (a setting that isn’t over-used these days), the reader will learn of the era all the while enjoying a romance that is pure, sweet, and full of surprises.

Frantz is deservedly an award-winning author.

What are your favorite books set in or around the American Revolution? Please leave a comment.

Book Review: “A Noble Masquerade”, by Kristi Ann Hunter

100_8685If you like romance novels with delightful twists and turns, and a bit of tension thrown in for good measure, this debut novel from Kristi Ann Hunter will more than likely feed your literary desires.

In A Noble Masquerade, the conflicts and tensions are “real-world”, which I like, and yet the whole setting “takes you away” which I also like. Admittedly, any Regency fiction catches my eye, and I’ll more often than not, give any Regency fiction a chance, this book deserves a wider audience.

From its yummy cover to the regretful arrival at the final page, you will thoroughly enjoy this historical romance.

Thanks for reading my latest review. Fondly, Susan

What is your favorite historical era? (Answer in comments.)

Book Review: “Last Chance Hero” ~ Christian fiction by Cathleen Armstrong

I’ll admit it, I read at the breakfast table. As I was eagerly moving toward the end of this book, I found myself tearing up (aka weeping) upon reading one of Armstrong’s scenes. I don’t want to say too much, so as to spoil this for the next reader, but it was about Andy’s recovering alcoholic father.

Beside all that, Armstrong delivers another nuanced, detailed, realistic, charming, lighthearted, believable romance. Jess, the new doctor in the small town of Last Chance, New Mexico, and Andy, a washed-up NFL player who is now a high school coach, light up the night with their story.

It’s hard to put my finger on Armstrong’s “magic”, but she has an excellent way with a story.

In Last Chance Hero, there’s a restaurant that serves New Mexican cuisine. If you’ve had it, please leave a comment.

Last Chance Hero

Last Chance Hero


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