“Breathing Room” by L. Tankersley ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

This young author (a mom and wife) has been through a lot. It seems she has had trouble enjoying life, even though her current life is very nice. She was tense, not emotionally healthy. She gives a lot of information on how she got better, and shares suggestions for other tense, unhappy people.


I personally don’t relate to this book, because I am such an incurable optimist, confident, Pollyanna (And that’s a good thing!). But I still recommend this to people who need help to relax and enjoy life.

The author includes loads of fascinating anecdotes that really illustrate her points. Tankersley can really turn a phrase, and the book has a very young vibe. Enjoy!


Deceived, by Irene Hannon ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

Talk about a smooth read. Hannon’s flawless plot and pacing make this a joy to read. Even though she lets us readers in on who the baddy is, fairly early, we aren’t bored. She keeps you turning pages, wanting to follow every twist and turn of the story. I was offered the chance to review this book, and jumped at it, because Hannon is one of the best in current Christian fiction.  Any time she has a new book out, I will be in line to read it.


Prescription for Life, by Dr. Richard Furman ~~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

If you want to be jolted out of complacency, motivated, inspired to get healthy, you will want to get this book. Dr. Furman is so clear, and his suggestions so do-able, that you will want to give this book to your unhealthy, overweight loved ones – and it will be an act of love. The book is full of amazing, true anecdotes, stories of real people, that are extremely interesting.

He covers three simple points, 1. Eat the right foods, 2. Get to your idea weight, and 3. Exercise. Take this very seriously!! He will make you sit up and take notes. I only disagree mildly with one thing…Furman believes in low-fat, low calorie eating, and I am a good fat advocate. BUT, this book is so good, so inspiring, that I would still recommend it. If this book catches on, it will make a difference.


“Love’s Fortune” by Laura Frantz ~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

This is some excellent historical fiction!! If you like romance — who doesn’t? — this will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and craving for an elegant read. So well structured, the story captures you immediately and takes you to a world of the past. 1850s Pennsylvania makes the setting for this emotionally satisfying and thrilling plot. Also, if you are interested in woodcarving, woodworking, making musical instruments out of wood, or steamships, you will find much historical detail, sure to please.104_4285

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, Holley Gerth…Susan Karsten’s latest book review


The whimsical cover belies the contents. This little volume (4 x 6″) contains serious, hard-hitting, and engaging devotionals. You won’t want to read only one reading per week (the book contains 52 readings) because they are so interesting and meaningful.

Perfect for a suffering friend (even if it’s just stress), as a welcomed gift for anyone, or even to buy for oneself, this is quite the package! There are even a few lines after each reading on which you can write your own thoughts. All in all, this is very good.

Review of Hearts Stolen, by Caryl McAdoo (review by Susan Karsten)

Okay … Let me just say … WOW! Hearts Stolen is an exceptional read! With great skill, this author brings on the trials of life, making the reader care deeply about her sojourning characters. The  heroine (what a courageous woman!) and the delightful hero (Gotta find me one!) come together and find love  in a very special way I haven’t often seen. DO NOT miss this one if you are a fan of Christian fiction. Very original, too!

Without telling too much about the plot, I want to assure you that this historical fiction is one of those in which you effortlessly learn all about days gone by. I love that. Now I know a bit more than I did, w/o the knowledge getting in the way of a gorgeous story. Such a thrilling story, with loveable characters, loaded with action and an excellent, satisfying resolution.

Here’s Caryl McAdoo, the author: Displaying 01GrnVelvetGlasses.jpg

Would love to hear from you!

Susan Karsten

“The Desire” by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley, Susan Karsten’s latest book review


A lovely, touching story for the general reader, but with special significance for those whose lives have been touched by infertility or adoption.

I don’t want to give away any of this delicious story, so deftly plotted, but you will enjoy it. The drama, the heartbreak, the lovable characters — it all makes you turn pages until the wee hours.


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