What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, Holley Gerth…Susan Karsten’s latest book review


The whimsical cover belies the contents. This little volume (4 x 6″) contains serious, hard-hitting, and engaging devotionals. You won’t want to read only one reading per week (the book contains 52 readings) because they are so interesting and meaningful.

Perfect for a suffering friend (even if it’s just stress), as a welcomed gift for anyone, or even to buy for oneself, this is quite the package! There are even a few lines after each reading on which you can write your own thoughts. All in all, this is very good.

Review of Hearts Stolen, by Caryl McAdoo (review by Susan Karsten)

Okay … Let me just say … WOW! Hearts Stolen is an exceptional read! With great skill, this author brings on the trials of life, making the reader care deeply about her sojourning characters. The  heroine (what a courageous woman!) and the delightful hero (Gotta find me one!) come together and find love  in a very special way I haven’t often seen. DO NOT miss this one if you are a fan of Christian fiction. Very original, too!

Without telling too much about the plot, I want to assure you that this historical fiction is one of those in which you effortlessly learn all about days gone by. I love that. Now I know a bit more than I did, w/o the knowledge getting in the way of a gorgeous story. Such a thrilling story, with loveable characters, loaded with action and an excellent, satisfying resolution.

Here’s Caryl McAdoo, the author: Displaying 01GrnVelvetGlasses.jpg

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Susan Karsten

“The Desire” by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley, Susan Karsten’s latest book review


A lovely, touching story for the general reader, but with special significance for those whose lives have been touched by infertility or adoption.

I don’t want to give away any of this delicious story, so deftly plotted, but you will enjoy it. The drama, the heartbreak, the lovable characters — it all makes you turn pages until the wee hours.

A Light in the Wilderness, by Jane Kirkpatrick, Susan Karsten’s latest book review

This book ranks among the BEST historical fiction books I have read in recent memory. This book, published by Revell, deserves to be a crossover hit.



Writing with the skill of an artist, Kirkpatrick brings it big-time!! Who’d have thought the story of one humble freewoman could be woven into such a delightful, thought-provoking, information inspirational fiction book.

Faith element has been brought in with a realistic, light touch, neither preaching nor downplaying the role of Christian faith in the lives of these warts-and-all characters — Characters the author makes us care deeply about.

If you are a fan of Sandra Byrd’s high-end historical fiction, A Light in the Wilderness, by Kirkpatrick, is definitely up to Byrd’s caliber.

I highly recommend this book. Can’t say enough how great a read it was!

Susan Karsten’s Latest book review: Prelude for a Lord, by Camille Elliot

Prelude for a Lord takes the reader on a little-used path, with a plot element I have never run across before. The violin, female musician, and the mysterious melange cooked up by the author for this delightful tale give a savor that is unforgettable.


The delightful voice in this regency stays with you, even in the hours of waiting eagerly to pick up the book again for the next bout of delicious reading.
The characters are sketched so well, the emotions so real, and the plot — delicious. Elliot brings it, making the historical era so attainable and embracing of the reader.

Parents, Remember to Teach Your Children How to Cross a Street

I hope many people read this and act on it I had a disturbing experience yesterday that got me thinking.

Here’s what happened: I was jogging along a sidewalk across from, and just west of a school. I could see a group gathered, probably waiting on the lawn for a field trip bus to pick them up.

On my side of the street, a small girl exited a pickup truck on the passenger side, moved forward and passed between the front of her vehicle and the parked vehicle in front of it. WITHOUT looking right or left, she shot across the street.

Needless to say, I cringed and was shocked. But, now I am thinking, since children don’t walk to school much anymore, or anywhere else much, maybe parents are forgetting that elemental bit of wisdom: “Look Both Ways Before Crossing a Street” — So, check and make sure your children now this and tell your neighbors, grandchildren etc.

Here is a diagram of the incident (girl who ran out into the street is represented by the green circle)


Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: “A Plain Love Song” by Kelly Irvin

104_3318This is the fourth book I have read by Kelly Irvin, and this is one of her best among many good ones. She really kept me guessing with the outcome and the interplay between heroine Adah and her two beaus stayed quite realistic, IMO.

The plot elements of song-writing, music, performance anxiety, and Adah’s struggle to decide whether to make the leap into fully joining the Amish society as a full-fledged member are fascinating to read and enjoyable.

The information about the Amish people’s aversion to musical instruments was fascinating and something I didn’t know. I like reading about their rumspringa, too, and much detail about that emerged through Irvin’s fine story-telling.

You must know that I am not normally a fan of, or a reader of “Amish fiction”, but Kelly Irvin’s stories are an exception. Extremely well-written and she doesn’t glorify their life-style, but keeps it real, warts and all.

Please leave a comment with any questions or remarks. Thanks!


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